How can we show our gratitude?

Memorial Day is a day of reflection for those who sacrificed their lives for us, our way of life and our country. We show our appreciation with moments of silence, social media posts, parades, empty seats at the table and spending meaningful time with family and friends. As every solemn day of remembrance ends we transition back into daily life.

Our day to day lives are filled with distractions, things left undone, the things left to do and woven into our unending list of chores and responsibilities exists our relationships with others. The people we we love are the ones who bear witness to our struggle to keep up. Those closest to us tend to see us at our least patient. Why is it that it is easier to be nicer to a stranger than it is to those who love us the most?

How is it we frequently miss opportunities to seek comfort from the chaotic world in the sanctuary of our loved ones and our home? How can we remember to slow down,  breathe and remember that our relationships with our children, partners and parents are more important than what should have been done or what is left to do?

We are all responsible for setting a tone. If we want to receive support and love don’t we need to set a tone that will evoke a sense of security and sanctuary? Could it be that the comfort of home really does provide the very relief we seek? If we slow down long enough to center and calm ourselves before entering our home there is no doubt we are more likely to speak with respectful curiosity and evoke a more collaborative environment. Perhaps such slowing down would better facilitate a space where we can assess where everyone is at and become more attune to our loved ones needs. It could allow us the opportunity to choose how and if we decide to weave in our requests with artful timing.

Overall, we are looking for a kinder and gentler society, perhaps if we all take a moment before we enter a room we may contribute what we can to a more grateful place to live and thrive.